Coach Ryan drops in to talk modifications.  How can we adjust CrossFit work outs to best suit your needs.  Are you adjusting them properly and how can that affect your overall fitness.  This is an important topic that most coaches and athletes can learn from.  Listen and enjoy!
JP takes Nicole and RJ through the steps of how to set a proper goal.  If you have something you want to accomplish and you do not know how to approach it, this episode if for you.  Goals should be something we are setting and taking time to re-evaluate.  The guidance JP provides in this episode will help tremendously.  Lets get focused and lift some heavy stuff!
Coach Matt and JP hop on to talk about Mental Toughness and how it relates to improved fitness.  Your mental game, in CrossFit specifically, can be a big deal.  You could be a competitor or just trying to get strong and faster it is still something you should be thinking about.  Listen in as Matt and JP give some tips and tricks on how to up your mental game.
Coach Eric just got back from a week at Power Monkey Camp.  A camp for adults who are looking to get better at fitness.  He was hanging with Dave Durante, Chris Hinshaw, China Cho, Dave Newman and a few other CrossFit superstars.  Listen in to hear all about this experience and how it made him a better athlete.
We are launching an open prep series to help you start getting ready for the CrossFit Open.  It is early, but it is never to early to start thinking about how you are going to take down the 5 CrossFit Open workouts.  Check out what John and Matt have to say.
Stan and his wife Jessica met at Ohio State a few years ago.  Today they run a very successful CrossFit Affiliate in Sparks MD.  Stan joins us today to talk about Outsiders CrossFit, The Charm City Throwdown and all things CrossFit.
Lauren Jones helps bring performance apparel to life at Under Armour.  She is also a 3 time regional athlete.  She dives into her background on clothing and also talks about competing at regionals with her team in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Emily Scerba- Head Coach of the Baltimore Endurance Club drops in to talk running.  We go over form, mechanics, technique and nutrition.   It is one aspect of fitness that we often do not get coaching or advice on.  We all just run.  What if you had a coach? You went over drills worked on your stride and your position all in order to improve! Find out what Emily has to say when it comes to improving your running.