Dawn Fletcher is the founder of MentalityWOD.com.  She has her masters in sports psychology, she is a CSCS trainer and CrossFit Level 3 Coach.

She has helped numerous CrossFit Games athletes improve their mental game. She also works with everyday athletes to help them accomplish their goals and become better athletes.  When it comes to the mental game of a competitive exerciser Dawn Fletcher is the best.

In this episdoe we dive into tips and tricks to help the everyday athlete.  We speculate on what makes Rich Froning such a good athlete and we talk about how coaches can help athletes complete lifts and perform better through positive self talk and reflection.

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The Battle of Baltimore is a local competitive exercise competition hosted by CrossFit Federal Hill.  Listen in to see what it is all about.  We also answer two fan questions from Facebook.  One about how to modify and scale workouts for people who need adjustments.  The other is about pull ups and how to get stronger with strict and kipping pull ups. Great questions! Keep them coming. We keep this one short, enjoy! This Episode is brought you by Goat Tape.  Use the code GT4THPULL at goattape.com when you checkout for 10% off from the team at The 4th Pull.
John Pickering, Matt Ropke and Captain David sit down and chat about how CrossFit can help prepare ROTC students.  Clipper City CrossFit has developed a partnership with Johns Hopkins ROTC.  Their goal is to prepare them for graduation of the ROTC.  A great episode on how CrossFit can help ROTC programs.
Our guest today is Mario Dispenza.  He is our the first Olympic Weightlifting Coach that we have had on the program. Mario was out of shape and looking for a change so he took up Olympic weightlifting, found a coach who put my first workout plan together for me and he created a long-range plan to change my eating habits.  Eight years later, and 70 lbs lighter, he competed in the World Masters Weightlifting Championship.   When he weighed-in for the meet he was 20 lbs lighter than he weighed as a senior in high school!  Mario owns MyOlympicLift.com and he trains his athletes out of The Colosseum Gym in Columbia Maryland. Not only is he an accomplished lifter, but his passion has turned to coaching.  He helps tons of CrossFit Athletes clean up their form and work on issues that can be developed from CrossFit. Mario starts with his story then dives into ways you can improve your Olympic lifting.  Everything from mobility and flexibility drills to what position to work on improving the most.
In this episode we dive into our fitness story.  How we discovered CrossFit and what it means to us today. The episode today is a little different.  Still tons to learn and take away from our past experiences though. JP comes from an athletic background, sailed around the world and was the first member at CrossFit Federal Hill.  He talks about his days sailing and how it relates to his fitness story today.  Back squats (of course) and how he used to be very into running. Geo started CrossFit in San Diego in 2009.  He opened his first gym in 2010- CrossFit Mission Gorge.  He tells the story of CrossFit Mission Gorge and the struggles of opening a CrossFit in 2010.  Before Reebok, Rich Froning and any coverage on ESPN.  He eventually moved back to Baltimore and opened CrossFit Federal Hill and CrossFit Cove in Columbia.