Mike Dewar jumps on the show today to drop some serious knowledge.  Mike is an accomplished, entrepreneur, strength coach, and athlete. Mike has been featured in Breaking Muscle a premier strength and condition website. He is also the co-founder of J2Fit where he helps athletes get stronger and faster through personal training and online programming. He is the founder of The Barbell CEO which helps brands and athletes develop programming and find the right mindset. He also just started The Fittest League, with his team they host a podcast and hold live weightlifting meets.  They are focused on the fun and excitement of CrossFit competitions but the performance aspect of a weightlifting meet. Mike also has a bachelors and masters in the fitness field and holds a slew of certifications.  In the episode today we talk about power output.  Most importantly how to tweak your programming to increase power out put.  Power is one of the  most important things we can develop when it comes to raw strength.  How fast can you lift the bar off the ground? The faster it is moving to harder it will be to stop it.  That is a good thing! Mike gives some insight on how he preps for a weightlifting meet.  What he does the week before and how he uses self talk to calm himself during the meet. As always the show is filled with tips and tricks for the strength athlete looking to add some numbers to their game.  If you want a bigger squat, bench or press be sure to listen in! The show is sponsored by Goat Tape.  The performance tape for the competitive exerciser.  Head over to Goat Tape.com and type in GT4th pull at checkout to receive 10% off your order. If you enjoy the show and want to show us some support make sure you head over to i-Tunes and leave us a review.  We are also live on Facebook and Instagram.
Stephanie Ring the founder of Endureyoga.com, a place for athletes to find out how yoga can improve their everyday performance. Stephanie tells us her story starting as a yog instrutor and eventually finding (and falling in love with) CrossFit.  She tells the story of how she realized that yoga can make us better athletes and help us recover.  If recovery and mobility are your weak points then listen in.  She gives out some great advice to work yoga into your everyday routine that can serve just about any type of athlete.

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Geo and JP sit down and talk strength. John has a self proclaimed strength bias and runs the strength program at CrossFit Federal Hill. He provides some great insight on how to attack a strength program. This show is sponsored by Goat Tape. For 10% at checkout type in GT4thPull. Get a roll for you and all your friends.
Owners of CrossFit Brian and Marina Anglim hop on the show to talk about what they have learned in the first year of owning a CrossFit Gym.  How there roll from athlete, to coach to owner changed their perspective and how it affects their community. For Brian and Marina their CrossFit experience was built on relationships.  The relationship with each other and the athletes at their gym.  The effect this has on your experience and ultimately your fitness is extremely important.  Tune in to hear all about their story.