Dave Durante is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion.  He was on the Stanford University Gymnastics team and went on to coach that team to a NCAA team title after graduating.  Dave was the lead coach withe the CrossFit Gymnastics L1 course for two years.  He also wrote the curriculum for the CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Course.  He leads Team Power Monkey which is comprised of elite level athletes and coaches who help design new equipment, provide gymnastics education to the fitness world and coach at Power Monkey's BI-annual Training camp.  Check out their website to register for the next camp!

That might be the longest intro we have given on the 4th Pull.  As you can see Dave is one accomplished dude.  He is an amazing blend of gymnastics and CrossFit.  A hard thing to find in many elite level athletes.

Dave talks about his background as a gymnast and how it lead to CrossFit.  He also goes into three of the most common things he saw when touring with CrossFit gymnastics.  We have pulled some good advice from guests on the show, but the three actionable points in this episode are amazing. 

From there we dive into Power Monkey Fitness.  What an epic experience.  There are absolutely no short cuts taken with this camp.  They have experts in every field from Dave Newman the founder of RX jump Ropes to endurance coach Chris Hinshaw.  There are also high level CrossFit Games athletes at camp with you.  We have heard first hand that is an amazing experience from Coach Eric.  In this episode we hear from the founder about the work and effort they put in to make this one of the best training seminars out there.

In the end we talk about two strategies that helped Dave as an Olympic level gymnast and how they can relate to the sport of fitness.  Again Dave takes no short cuts in describing exactly what helped me become of the top athletes in his sport.



 He lives in NYC with his wife Sadie and coaches at CrossFit Solace.

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Becca Voigt has competed in every CrossFit Games since 2008.  She is the definition of a resilient, focused hardworking athlete.  She is by far one of the most accomplished CrossFit athletes in the sport.  She may not have 4 podium finishes, but what she lacks in medals is made up in heart. Check out this video of her wining the Spirit of the Games award. In this episode she dials it back and talks about her very first CrossFit experience and how is changed her life for the better.

She then goes into training at Valley CrossFit with Kris Clever and the original Valley girls and how that experience was so powerful for her competitive career.  We talk coaches and the positive and negative effects they have had on her training and intensity of the years.

Then we jump into CrossFit Training Yard.  CFTY is Becca's affiliate and all of her members are near and dear to her.  They way she talks about making a profound impact on lives and creating change physically and mentally is very inspiring. As much as we would like to think that opening a gym for her had to be easy, we are wrong.  Games athletes still have trouble believing they will be successful in business.  She was unsure about the size of her building and if people would show up on the first day.  But, she stuck to her dream and passion or owning an affiliate and built it up to something very special.

The reason we contacted Becca was because we came across a video of her describing what community means to her.  A year ago CFHQ put out a video submission contest "The Before and After: An Affiliate Owner's Story." Becca sat down in front of a camera and described what her gym and her community meant to her.  14 minutes later you are left with a heart felt story and warm and fuzzies inside. Check out Becca's video here- Becca's Training Yard- CrossFit Video Contest.

Andre Crews started out as a corporate banker.  He had no passion for banking and needed a change.  From there he found personal training and fitness modeling. You would think he might stop there, but Andre lets us know that "Modeling is F&*%ing boring."  So he keeps pushing and exploring new things.  That eventually leads him to find CrossFit.  After getting kicked out of a Globo gym he lands at CrossFit Union Square in New York City.

Andre opens up about his past CrossFit Open experiences and what was holding him back.  His capacity and strength were there, but the technique on his overhead squat was lacking. He dives into how he spent the last year working on his OHS and gives you some great actionable steps.

He fills us in on his long term goal of the 2017 regionals and lays out his plan of action.  For most people goal setting this far out is difficult and hard to stick with.  Andre explains why the long game is so important. And JP chimes in because he just loves goals.

Nutrition is also a big part of Andre's day.  He goes through a typical day for him, how his Macros work and his famous roast beef sandwich recipe.

Andre also has a few personal projects that he is working on.  His programming is live on  WODFollow.com/crewscontrol  If you want an eight pack like Andre head over to his account and see what he is doing.

He is also part of The Fittest League.

A knowledgeable group that sits down and talks all things fitness.  Their prospective and outlook is great to hear because they have experts across all types of fitness areas. Their goal is "The Exploration of All Things Fitness"  Jump over and check them out.

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