Meg, also known as Megg-a-Tron (has to be one of the coolest nicknames) is heading to the CrossFit Games after missing Regionals last year.

Meg is an east coast  native who spent her college years out west.  She comes from an athletic background and fell into CrossFit just before 2014.  She was a natural and qualified for the 2014 Nor Cal Regionals.  2015 was not her year so she re grouped and decided to take her training to the next level.  With the help of her coach and her support staff she not only made Regionals, but is headed to the CrossFit Games.

She was actually sitting outside the top 5 before the last event.  She had a clutch performance in the final event and punched her ticket to Carson.  She dives into the commitment it took to train and make the Games this year.  And lays down a ton of insight on how to approach good days and bad days.

She is also the co-founder of Wags and Weights.  An apparel and lifestyle brand for dogs and humans.  A portion of each purchase goes to support rescues around the US.

Hollis Molly is the current owner of the first CrossFit Affiliate, CrossFit Santa Cruz.  This is the gym that Greg Glassman opened and started back in 2001. I met Hollis 5 years ago when I was traveling through California on a west coast gym tour.  He is an excellent coach and business owner that has an exceptional amount of knowledge about fitness and the sport of fitness.

He fell into CrossFit because his sister thought it would be a good idea for him to try. He was lucky enough to fall into it with Greg Glassman and learn from some of the original CrossFit flow masters.

When I say lucky, it was a matter of right place right time, but it is much more than luck that got Hollis where he is today.  He was willing to learn and do whatever it took from the beginning. 

We have to remember in 2004 and 2005 there were no CrossFit Games.  No Reebok, no social media and no coolness factor.  No one knew about it.  There was one gym and a few seminars.  Being an early adopter took guts and a belief that this was something special.

In this episode, Hollis dives into coaching, owning a gym and how he is keeping the original CrossFIt affiliate alive!

Breck Berry is the owner of CrossFit Jenks in OK.  He is one of the most durable and rugged guys we have had on the podcast to date.

Breck signed up, yes all you had to do in 2007 was sign up, for the CrossFit Games.  He was an early adopter.   When most people were still doing back and bi's Breck was exposing him self to the sheer pain of this new exercise phenomenon called CrossFit.

The 2007 CrossFit Games was the first time Breck ever stepped foot in concept2 rower.  He tells a great story about this in the show!

He went back to the games in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  After that he qualified for regionals and was at the games on a team.  And this year...he is going back!

Breck turns 40 one week before the CF games so he qualifies as a masters athlete.  He trained hard and put a ton of pressure on himself to get back to the big show this year and he accomplished his goal.

Listen in to one of the OGs of this young sport.  Breck talks about how things have changed over the years in sport and in his life.  He dives into all facets of his fitness, training and nutrition, but the coolest part of the show is the stories from back in the day.