"This week on the show (Subscribe on iTunes!) we welcome Dave Thomas, head trainer and owner of Performance360 a Strength & Conditioning gym in Pacific Beach of San Diego, California. Dave's gym is located in a crowded market, but he has managed to expand to two locations and now manages over 600 athletes.   Dave and his partner Bryan are building an empire, and they have some great advice for aspiring athletes out there. dave_final1-1024x683 Dave has a few pretty legit certifications- USA Weightlifting, Russian Kettle bell, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics, CPT-NSCA, CNC, NCAA, but nothing compares to his many hours on the floor and the way he has taken responsibility for actually connecting with athletes. Meeting athletes where they are, usually sweaty and on the gym mat, has given Dave insight into how to get results. "Dave had a vision to challenge the status quo of what a gym experience should entail. That fitness was much more than competing in a workout. That it was a way to prepare for life." (Is this a quote from the episode? As a reader I'd like to know who said it ? OR ? You could add something like: "More in the episode!") Are you an athlete with goals of getting better, faster, stronger ? goals of winning competitions and mastering your division? To reach the top, successful athletes listen to their coaches. In other words, they are extremely coachable. Does this describe you? Would your coach agree? In this episode, Dave talks all about how to become a more coachable athlete. Are you stubborn, ignoring advice and critique, or do you soak up every piece of information the coach lays on you? Do you trust your coach even when the instructions seem strange or difficult? There is a right way and a wrong way to react as an athlete, and in the end it can have a major effect on your performance. Dave has not only built a successful business, but he also built a multitude of successful athletes. If you're an athlete ? there is wisdom for you to gain and help for you to get to the next level. And if you're a coach or a business owner - there are gems here for your athletes whether they are easy or diamonds in the rough.