Anders Varner joins us today from Anders is a former affiliate owner of CrossFit Pacific 1013756_530330993681970_163558085_nBeach in San Diego, California. He is a certified functional strength coach, has a level two certification, and is the author of 2 eBooks and hundreds of articles. He recently sold his gym and is working on two new projects which include The Low Back Fix and Adaptive Athletes. Today we reminisce about the good old days of CrossFit back in San Diego, and how he got his start with CrossFit. We also talk about his new project, The Low Back Fix, which is an online platform that combines physical therapy and strength training to fix low back pain. The other new project Anders is involved with is the CrossFit Adaptive Athletes Course. This course focuses on a segment of the population which is often overlooked. Anders helps teach others how to coach and approach these athletes and how best we can help them. Be sure to join Anders Nov. 19th & 20th in San Diego and Dec. 3rd & 4th in Denver for his Adaptive Athlete Course! Timeline: 2:48 Anders Introduction 3:22 The Beginning of CrossFit 4:50 Experience at Regionals 7:15 Evolution of CrossFit 8:20 Adaptive Athletes and CrossFit 15:00 A Stroke Strikes Young 16:34 Adaptive Athletes Inspiration 18:56 How to Interact with Adaptive Athletes 25:24 Adaptive Athletes Course 26:23 Low Back Fix Project 29:28 Treating the Symptoms 35:09 Functional Fitness 37:35 The Assessment Process 39:20 The Best Assessment Single Leg Deadlift 42:00 Contact Anders   Contact Anders: Check out this episode!
Chad Vaughn is a 2-time Olympian, 9 time National Champion, International medalist including and overall goald at the 2003 Pan American Games, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk for the 77kG weight class in the sport of weightlifting. Chad is by far the highest level weightlifter that we have had on the 4th pull podcast.  His knowledge of the sport and passion for helping others is amazing. Another reason we wanted to have Chad on the show is because of his involvement with CrossFit.  Since 2009 Chad has been coaching weekly weightlifting classes, programming for every level athlete and leading seminars at athlete camps throughout the world.   He understands the sport of fitness and how to relate it to the sport of weightlifting.
In this episode we talk about some specific cues and positions that Chad sees common errors with.  We also talk all about his company and the big plans he has for the future of his favorite sport. Please check out for more details on what Chad is about to release.
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Jason Leydon is the Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Milford, CT. Jason earned his degree in Physical Education and Health from Eastern CT State University where he also played basketball. After college Jason pursued his basketball career and traveled overseas to Holland to continue his dream. Jason dove into CrossFit Early.  He has worked on the Level One Staff has a strong endurance back ground and has lead numerous teams and individuals to the games.  He has a wealth of knowledge to pull from and really opens up on the show. His passion shines through as he dives into story telling and his ability to discover the true reason why athletes want to be successful. He is now part of the Power Monkey Team and leads his own seminars on coaching and programming. This Episode is sponsored by head over and check out all the amazing products they have to offer. Check out this episode!