I'm thrilled to welcome Marcus Filly to the show today. Marcus is an accomplished CrossFit games athlete and member of the Phoenix Rise. In addition to this, he is the founder of Revive RX, a supplement company based out of San Francisco, California. Marcus is a coach at heart but also an extremely strong athlete. Marcus grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and played multiple sports in his youth. He then went on to study at the University of California, Berkeley and earned a degree in molecular and cell biology. After this he completed a year of medical school in Ohio before becoming involved in CrossFit full time. Marcus has been a health and fitness coach for 8 years since leaving Medical School. He was formerly a CrossFit facility owner for 5 years, has completed all 5 of the OPEX CCP courses, and has coached clients remotely from all over the world. He has coached athletes at the CrossFit Games as well as several regionals athletes. Today we talk about Marcus's past experience with sports and how it compares to the mindset of the CrossFit World. Marcus played division one college soccer and had a very different experience with this sport as opposed to CrossFit. Hear him compare and contrast these experiences and training methods. We also talk about the value of rest and when it is necessary to take time off from competition. Marcus took time off in the 2015 season for overtraining despite how difficult it was to take a step back. Marcus has also launched a supplement company, Revive RX. Learn more about how his background helped him launch this company and how it is helping other athletes today. Timeline: 1:07 Marcus Filly Introduction 2:48 Educational & Sports Background 5:32 Collegiate Sporting Experience 7:42 Finding CrossFit 9:59 First CrossFit Workout 13:25 CrossFit and Medical School 14:54 Leaving Medical School 17:16 Tipping Point to Pursue CrossFit 19:16 A Cross Fitters Personal Life 21:32 Finding a Mentor 25:11 Learning from Overtraining 29:39 Consumed by CrossFit 32:24 Revive RX Supplements 38:25 Contacting Marcus   Contact Marcus: marcusfilly@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/marcusfilly/?hl=en https://marcusfilly.com/ https://www.revive-rx.com/ Check out this episode!

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