Timeline: 0:28  Emily Abbot Introduction 1:41  A typical day for Emily Abbot 4:26  Making CrossFit a career 6:56  Balancing training with life and other activities 10:46  How to handle burnout and stay motivated 16:24 The process of finding your limit 17:53  Ways to find a coach you can trust 21:18 The benefits of a hands on coach 23:37  Finding your own balance and what works for you 25:55  Measuring volume and not over training 27:28  Emily's opinion on dieting 31:21  What is a clean eating day for Emily 34:05  Emily's plan for upcoming competition 35:00  Will not making the CrossFit Games be disappointing 37:18  The right approach to CrossFit and life 37:51  Supplements and the Blonix Company Check out this episode!

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