This Episode is Sponsored by Zen Planner Check out this episode! Today we have a very special episode in store for you. Ben Smith, CrossFit games champion and founder of CrossFit Krypton, joins us to talk about his training, coaching methods, and more in this awesome episode. I also talk about my trip to Dubai where I met up with my good friend Saud who is running his own gym all the way across the world. Remember if you enjoy the show, head over to our website and sign up for our mailing list. Each month we are giving away a free T Shirt if you are registered! In this Interview: My trip to Dubai and meeting Ben Smith The powerful family influence on Ben Smith and his brothers What it is like to win the CrossFit games and be the fittest man on earth Plus: How and why Ben is able to stay so humble How to make it to CrossFit Regionals How to coach the mental side of an athlete About Ben: Ben Smith is the founder of CrossFit Krypton and also the lead programmer and coach. Ben was an avid baseball player growing up and was first introduced to CrossFit in 2008. Since then been has finished first in the Mid-Atlantic region 5 times and has 7 appearances at the CrossFit games. As one of the most successful Cross Fitters of all time, Ben is one of only four men to have multiple podium finishes. In 2015 Ben became the sixth man to earn the title of fittest man on earth. Ben's personal philosophy is that through hard work and dedication anything is possible. He has found that anything worth doing in life should be done to the best of a person's ability and this includes CrossFit! Timeline: 0:15 - Welcome back to the Podcast! 1:31 - The beginning of my CrossFit adventure all started in Dubai with Saud 4:21 - Connecting the dots by meeting Ben Smith at the Dubai airport 5:08 - Getting to know Ben Smith and his brothers at CrossFit Krypton 6:02 - Meeting Adam Klink, the head trainer at CrossFit Krypton 7:12 - The beginning of the workout, the warm up at CrossFit Krypton 9:25 - The family influence on Ben and his brothers 11:32 - Adam Klink's opinion on Ben's parental influence and success 13:19 - Ben Smith's tough guy image explained 15:52 - The Smith's family amazing ability to be humble 18:46 - Ben Smith's parents on Ben 19:48 - How Ben became so good at Olympic lifting by watching YouTube 23:00 - How and why Ben is so humble 25:16 - Working hard to accomplishing goals and preventing distractions 26:58 - Ben journey of how he got started and how he got to where he is now 28:37 - Making the CrossFit games in 2009 32:05 - Finishing 64th at his first CrossFit Games how did Ben move forward 33:56 - Ben Smith on the opening of CrossFit Krypton 35:29 - Why young athletes should try a multitude of sports 37:35 - How to make CrossFit Regionals. Following the Ben Smith Blue Print 41:24 - Why Ben Smith has never had a coach 42:26 - Hard work versus talent. Does Ben Smith have an edge or is it just hard work 46:30 - What Ben learned after winning the CrossFit Games 49:36 - The new and improved CrossFit Krypton 51:12 - A typical day for Ben Smith 52:07 - What are the most important characteristics of a good coach 54:50 - The Ben smith diet. What exactly does Ben eat to maintain peak performance? 59:54 - How to coach the mental side of an athlete Contact Ben: Sponsored by: Check out this episode!