Lauren Jones helps bring performance apparel to life at Under Armour.  She is also a 3 time regional athlete.  She dives into her background on clothing and also talks about competing at regionals with her team in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Emily Scerba- Head Coach of the Baltimore Endurance Club drops in to talk running.  We go over form, mechanics, technique and nutrition.   It is one aspect of fitness that we often do not get coaching or advice on.  We all just run.  What if you had a coach? You went over drills worked on your stride and your position all in order to improve! Find out what Emily has to say when it comes to improving your running.
Coach Eric Reisinger comes on the show to talk all about supplements.   What he takes, why he takes it and recommendations for what others should be doing.  We debate on diet vs supplements and how to balance  both of them.  Also how it can affect your health and fitness levels.
Our resident physical therapist at CrossFit Federal Hill come on the show to discuss all things mobility.  We talk about improving fitness through mobility, common mistakes athletes make when stretching and a few stretches that you should be doing every single day.
Matt and JP sit down and talk about the community aspect of CrossFit and Fitness. Learn how community is developed and what we do as owners and coaches to cultivate community.